Maritime Hybrid & Electric (incorporating Hydrogen & Fuel Cells), Asia 26 - 27 February 2020

Maritime Hybrid & Electric (incorporating Hydrogen & Fuel Cells), Asia

Achieving significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions


In recent years the maritime industry has seen an increasing interest in the development of hybrid-electric vessels. Vessel owners and operators have started exploring the full potential of electric propulsion and how the technology could save fuel, lower emissions and reduce maintenance costs.

This two-day conference will provide attendees with a solid understanding of the technologies involved and how vessel owners and operators can benefit from its use in a number of maritime applications. Discussions will focus on how Asia is currently making inroads into developing and using hybrid-electric technologies.

Riviera has led the maritime industry by being one of the very first organisations to launch a maritime hybrid-electric conference in Bergen Norway in September of 2019. Riviera will now bring its experience to Asia where companies will benefit significantly from the case studies and the technical content that has already proven to be a great success.


•    The potential of hybrid and electric power as clean energy and in creating a green footprint
•    How big is the hybrid and electric market?
•    China is a big player in providing competitively priced solutions – how are they forging ahead?
•    How is Europe leading the world with its green initiatives?
•    How are hybrid and electric technologies being regulated?
•    Hydrogen fuel cells versus lithium-ion batteries
•    How can hybrid and electric solutions be used for various types of vessels and maritime applications
•    Energy density considerations and analysis
•    How do you go about replacing auxiliary engines with a battery solution?
•    Assessing the number of battery packs required over the life-cycle of a vessel
•    The price of batteries and how manufacturers are looking to reduce costs
•    Vessel layout and engine room – design and engineering considerations for hybrid and electric vessels
•    Managing risks and ensuring safety
•    Can hybrid systems and batteries achieve zero emissions shipping?

This conference will demystify how hybrid and electric technologies benefits maritime operations. Industry leaders will make transparent the costs involved and the efficiencies that are realistically attainable. 


‘Very interesting'
Helge Hagerup, The Fjords

‘Very informative - good range of speakers'
Iain Doran, UK MOD

‘Interesting and explanatory’
Francesco Morvillo, MSC Cruises

‘Interesting and convincing conference’
Ǻge Dahl-Olsen, Blueday Technology

‘Very insightful to get up to date with latest developments and connect to the right people’
Aristos Philis, Lemissoler Navigation

‘Great information on the industry's perspective on this matter’
Gunnar Solvag, Fagskulen S&F

‘Good chance to keep up to date on these topics’
Antonio Retti, Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italini

‘Relevant topics in a relevant geographical spot’
Stein Ruben Larsen, Norweigan Electric Systems

‘Very good speakers and topics’
Asbjorn Halsebakke, The Switch

‘Very informative’
Michael North, Aspin Kemp & Associates

‘Well organised’
Peter Van Den Berg, KWX 


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